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Who is Petalwink?

Good Things Come on Tiny Wings

Fairy Best Quality: Whole-hearted
Role/Function: Flower Fairy; cares for buds, blossoms & growing things
Traits: Earnest, funny, clumsy, sweet, generous, creative, kind, enthusiastic
First response: Enthusiasm

Petalwink is a 400-year-old (young, obviously, for a fairy), purple-haired flower fairy. Her job is to care for the flowers and blossoms in magical Newman Forest--which is in your own backyard! She is whole-hearted, but that doesn't mean she doesn't sometimes get distracted, make a little mistake here and there, and find herself in a bit of trouble. 

Petalwink is the star of her own book series...and a flying musical in development!

meet petalwink's friends

June Bug Fairy

The way to be smart is to know and think straight from your heart

Fairy Best Quality: Smart
Role/Function: Forest Historian; records events and happenings in Newman Forest
Traits: Smart, introspective, literal but imaginative, absent-minded
First response: Over-analyze

The words she uses are as big as her heart
She knows about science, math, theater,
 and art.
That's because June Bug Fairy loves to read and write,
She's not only sweet, she's a clever little sprite.
Tiny on the outside, her thoughts and dreams are grand...
You can count on June Bug, she'll always lend a hand.



He’s so much fun, you’ll forget he never gets anything done!

Fairy Best Quality: Fearless
Role/Function: Rain & Water Fairy; provides drink for the forest
Traits: Eager, funny, dauntless, bold, clumsy, friendly
First response: Giddyup!

This friendly red-headed nix is forever up to high jinks
Fearless of seeming foolish, unafraid of what anyone thinks
He's up for adventure and never lazy, not ever shy,
Gordo knows there's no limit, beyond even sky-high.
He might misplace his shoe or lose the other half,
But he's a loyal friend who's eager always to love and to laugh.

Felicia Fairy

The pretty on the outside shows the beauty that’s on the inside 

Fairy Best Quality: Graceful
Role/Function: Seed Fairy- cares for, stores and cultivates seeds
Traits: Artistic, poised, dramatic, expressive, supportive, strong, nurturing
First response: Drama

Like a springtime blossom, she's a welcome sight
When Felicia smiles, all around her is bright.
She has a magic touch that she brings to each day
She shines friendship and beauty in her fairy own way.
Felicia's a wee mighty pixie and pretty as a flower
Her kindness and grace give her sweetness girl power!

Willow & Whitney


The way to win is to have a twin

Fairy Best Quality: Competitive
Role/Function: Wind Fairies; cause zephyrs, breezes, and wind
Traits: active, vital, chipper, loyal
First response: First? They’re already on their third!

There's one thing Willow loves as much as to win,
and that is her brother Whitney, who's also her twin.
Together they run and climb and fly faster than light
Sometimes they play and sometimes they fight.
But they always say sorry and hug it out in the end
Because the best prize to claim is winning a friend. 

Birdie Nuthatch

A Little Birdie Nuthatch Told me...

Fairy Best Quality: In charge
Role/Function: Runs the show
Traits: Nosy, spirited, maternal, proud
First response: Tell everyone what to do

Bliss Squiggle

Calm and assured is how problems are cured

Fairy Best Quality: Wise
Role/Function: Forest advisor
Traits: insightful, calm, judicious, discerning, clever
First response: Thoughtful


Francis Frog

As Eager to Please as he is to Eat Treats

Fairy Best Quality: Sweet

Role/Function: Chef; On a related note, controls the bug population (not vegan, but trying to eat more plants)
Traits: Eager to please, loyal, agreeable, hungry
First response: Who needs a snack?

Belfry the Elf

Acting stingy makes everything seem dingy

Fairy Best Quality: Yeah, still working on that. At least he reads a lot of [s]elf help books. 
Role/Function: mooches off everybody else, bully
Personality traits: sneaky, lazy, deceitful, jealous, entitled
First response: Steal it from someone else

Lucy Lynn

To have a friend, be a friend

Fairy Best Quality: Earnest
Role/Function: Believer
Traits: Wants to be friendly can be a little shy,

self-conscious, bright, honest
First response: Tentative curiosity

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