Angela Sage Larsen is a professional artist and bestselling author. The 7 book Petalwink the Fairy series that she wrote and illustrated ignited her passion for creating positive content for children. As part of her "Strong Girls x Good Books" campaign, Angela creates strong female protagonists with a focus on character education. Her bestselling 5 book series for young teen readers called Fifties Chix about five teens who time travel from 1955 to present day includes the first book, Travel to Tomorrow, a Goodreads Readers Choice Nominee and Amazon #1 Bestseller. She and her business partner and husband Whit Larsen, have been championing and creating wholesome content for children and adults that empowers both genders to overcome limiting beliefs through creativity, kindness, and strong character. She wrote the script for Petalwink: the Musical, a new story adapted from the characters and setting in the Petalwink books, while the music and lyrics have been written by Deborah Hurwitz (composer, conductor, and recording artist whose internationally acclaimed projects include Cirque du Soleil's IRIS, Cyndi Lauper's Burn Baby Burn Tour with Cher, and the Broadway smash hit Jersey Boys). The Petalwink: the Musical team is excited about their vision to adapt the Petalwink book series into a Broadway show, then an all-live, national touring production, featuring high-end aerial spectacle, a compelling story, and contemporary, memorable songs, infused with a positive and empowering character-based message for young and family audiences.


After 14 years as a professional artist and mural painter in St. Louis, MO, Angela moved to Sonoma County, CA to live near her family. Everything about wine country inspired her (except, ironically, the wine itself) and she opened a studio and gallery called jubilee. Soon after, she married her St. Louis beau Whit. The art that she enjoyed making (and he managed) soon became a calling when a purple haired fairy began appearing on scraps of paper, filling notebooks, and changing Angela's and Whit's perspective on the treatment of girls in the media and in society in general. While big brands starting marketing messages to girls--that they only thing they had to offer was prettiness and ornamentation, Petalwink and her wholesome, healthy message of self-worth and helping others, adventure, and imagination became clearer.

About Petalwink the Fairy, her home, and her friends

Petalwink is a 400 year old flower fairy who lives in a nest in the third pear tree in Old Orchard in Newman Forest (in your backyard!). She is the title character in her fairy storybook series Good Things Come on Tiny Wings: The Adventures of Petalwink the Fairy®. Petalwink has a big heart and good intentions (even though she sometimes makes mistakes, gets distracted, or forgets what she has to give).  Petalwink's fairy, animal, and human friends help her out when she needs reminding.  In her first book, Petalwink Learns to Fly, you'll meet Harry BassFrancis Frog and Bliss Squiggle. In her second book, Petalwink Comes in Second, you'll meet her fairy friends Willow & Whitney, the fairy twins, Felicia Fairy and June Bug. In her third book, Petalwink Makes a Friend,  you'll meet fairy friend Gordo and new human friend Lucy Lynn. Presents from Petalwink, Petalwink Keeps a Promise, Petalwink Takes a Bow, and Petalwink Makes Peace continue Petalwink's story and how she learns to navigate her friendships and her place in life.

 While maintaining the sense of spontaneity and whimsy that fairies typify, Petalwink celebrates the innate sparkle, sweetness, and innocence of childhood. Petalwink bears the message to believe in yourself and in the greater good. Take the Petalwink Pledge and be glad to be you!

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